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We fully understand to start investing in property in Indonesia and Bali in particular requires a lot of consideration. And we see this situation as a challenge and an opportunity for us to show our professionalism in this field. For this reason, supported by a team of experienced professionals who are committed to the art we present as a “One Stop Solution”.

Under the auspices of CV.Dwi Pilar Sejahtera (DPS), our team consists of legal experts (lawyers and notaries), civil engineering and architect  graphic design (2D/3D), web designer, supported by the foremen and craftsmen dedicated builder with our motto “Together We Can Do better ‘we are committed to give the best to each of our client.

Any kind of property / company you are dreaming of, whether it be a villa / hotel, residential, store / shop, showroom / workshop, housing, schools / the course, boarding house, restaurant / café / shop, super / mini market, garment, warehouses, etc. .. etc. … we are ready to help you. We will accompany you from the process of selection and purchase / sale of land, permits, design and planning (2D / 3D), the draft budget (RAB), and the exercise of supervision of the building (construction) etc. .. etc. …. until your property is ready produce. We are even ready to assist you in marketing the products of your property from the logo, company profile to website creation

RELIABLE source of Bali Land for sale and property LISTING.

We proudly present the most updated Bali property listings to provide opportunities for our clients to select and determine the type and location of the property in accordance with the criteria and the desired budget. To avoid this undesirable property we looked at each well site, documentation and ownership status before we fit in our listings up to our responsibility for accountability. If the property you wish you did not find in our listings, please contact us for we can follow up.

Property in Bali – Legal and permitting Issues.

Whatever the legal issues pertaining to licensing your property such as maintenance and checking of certificates, change of land or property ownership, IMB / Building Permit and all property related issues Our legal team will happily  be your professional assistant. We also established strong relationships with a variety of licensing officers in Bali.

Every person must already have an idea or concept of form, function and style property / building is desired. We will gladly work with you to actualize your ideas and ideas into concrete form design without compromising functionality and aesthetic value that can be generated architecture works perfectly both in terms of philosophical, and aesthetic functions. Team architect we already have international reputations in the field of design architect with the latest technology currently in either 2D or 3D. We also receive the service re-design the architecture, planning the layout of indoor / interior design and landscape planning. Whatever the shape or style of property you want we are ready to create your own. Have a look at some examples of design that has been used by some of our clients.

*) CIVIL / Constructions.

In this case we can be your full name as executor, sub contractor or construction supervisor.

(Including Electrical,
Plumbing and Sanitary)

* House Building
* Shop
* Office
* Warehouse
* Restaurant
* Building Renovation, etc


* Concrete Reinforced
* Steel
* Wood Construction


* Furniture (Construction and Finishing)
* Lighting
* Decoration


* Soft Element (Plantation)
* Hard Element (Foot Path, Statue, Garden Lamp, Lotus Pond, etc)


In this case we accompany you and act as your behalf / owner in every step from planning to finishing so that process of building your property will be more effective, efficient and timely manner.

– Select and specify the location of the property in accordance with investment objectives.

– Pick and choose design / style buildings as appropriate.

– Select building materials and recommends the most appropriate according to the budget and property type.

– Select and recommend the best suppliers in accordance with criteria / required building materials.

– Propose a change (increase or decrease) the construction in accordance with the budget and property functions when required.

Periodically we will provide a progress report of your property development process in detail and systematically accompanied by visuals ( photos / video ) and graphics according to your needs.

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